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31 December 2008 @ 11:07 am
Review: Through Waves - Dragonfly Upon An Eyelash EP  
Obviously, my expectations for this EP were huge. Not just 'cause Raine is one of my best friends, but I really like his music and I follow all the process of this record... So, when the cd came to my hands, I couldn't wait anymore for listen!

The EP starts with the song title, Dragonfly Upon an Eyelash. It's an amazing composition. The drums are particullary great in this version, and the atmosphere of the full song is harder than I espected - and it's great. The violins also made a good difference too.

The second song, A Hole in my Wing, have one of my favourites melodies from TW. I like especially the vocals and drums, and I can't wait to see the definitive verision of the song.

Then we have A Breath in Me. I absolutally ADORE this song, the bass lines are so deep and strong... it really touched me,

I absolutally can't stop listening (and sing along) Flowers of Autumn, my current favourite. It's a masterpiece indeed, the lyrics are one of my favourites. The song means a lot to me, 'cause reminds me and certain time in my life, when seasons changed and lots of things gone... well, it doesn't matter now ._. The song is fantastic.

The fifth song, What Have You Promissed Me, is, to me, the most 'pop' song of this EP. The instrumental part is absolutally good, and I'd love to have an instrumental version of this (nothing against Raine's vocals, I swear XD). The lyrics are great.

And You Walk Through Waves comes. I know this song since a few months ago, and it's one of my favourites. The vocal is my favourite thing in this song, it's so fragile and still powerfull... it really touched me. 

Anchor, the following song, is probably the best song of this EP. Starting by the name *lol*. I really like the combination of the instruments, the strange noises, the violins (yes, Raine). It's amazing.

And to finish, the acoustic version of Dragonfly Upon an Eyelash. An old friend of mine, I love this since I heard for the first time - and was the first song I ever heard from TW. <3

Indeed, it's a great piece. The EP have also an AMAZING artwork and, if you're intersted, you can buy on the official website (Brazil) and on CDBaby (international)!
And don't forget to check Raine's LJ, shipwreck_free  :)

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Line Schneider ~: Doom ♥line_schneider on March 17th, 2009 02:17 pm (UTC)
You know how much I love and how I'm proud of this first of lots of releases, don't you? <3

Agora só falta a vergonha na cara de fazer um show aqui em SP, NÉ? 8D